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About our Bird Toys

Ed started making toys for our own birds in 1995.  From there we expanded to selling at local pet shows such as the All About Pets show held at the International Center in Rexdale, Ontario, The Canadian Pet Expo held on Exhibition Grounds in Toronto, Ontario & The Canadian Parrot Conference held in Guelph, Ontario.  

After a few years of doing shows, we had quite a stock of toys left over.  We decided to list them on eBay & see what happened.  We're very happy to say that the toys have been well received & appreciated by the eBay Community.  

Our toys are made with:


First quality pine & hardwood pieces


Vegetable tanned leather in strips & pieces


Commercial food grade food coloring mixed with distilled water


New/unused fabric for cloth ring toy 


Plastic pony beads


Sisal rope colored with commercial food grade food coloring


Twisted cotton rope

What makes our toys different?

Our toy pieces are not just strung on, they're tied on.  This makes the toy more interesting for your bird, it gives them more to do.  You may even find your bird untying & retying the knots.  Our Goffin's Cockatoo likes to take the beads off a leather strip & then put them back on.

Finishing Touch

We believe that how a bird's toy is attached to its cage is just as important as what the toy is made out of.  Not all toy closures are safe for all types of birds.  That is why all of our toys include a quicklink for the safe & easy attachment to your birds' cage or play area.  

For The Health & Safety of Your Bird:


ALWAYS monitor your bird with new toys


ALWAYS trim the excess/worn edges of any type of rope or fabric on toys


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