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Some Pictures of Our Birdies 

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The Queen Bee Herself - Baby a.k.a. Daddy's Little Girl
Our Umbrella Cockatoo


I Love Being Outside


They've merged!

What's That?

Being Silly

No Peeking!


Waffle Time

Making A Spitball

Angel Screaming

Baby In a Box 9-22-02-b.JPG (30823 bytes)

Baby In A Box

Baby In a Box 9-22-02-m.JPG (39745 bytes)

Caught In The Act


Baby is our 16 year old Umbrella cockatoo that we both love dearly.  I've had her since she was 6 months old.  I met Ed a couple of years later.  He got to spend lots of quality time with her in one of her favorite places, hiding under the covers snuggling.  She just LOVES it!  They've bonded really well & she certainly loves her daddy!  She likes to leave me sitting downstairs while she runs upstairs to the bedroom looking for her precious daddy.  She's a very independent birdie who knows exactly what she wants - snuggling!  

She'll hide under anything, a folded newspaper, the bed covers & especially under dad's shirt!  She also adores spending time just hanging around outside the house.  She likes to spend the time outside making spitballs, eating waffles & in general just enjoying the breeze & fresh air.   She doesn't seem to understand the cold weather though.  She'll sit on the back of our chair wanting to & waiting anxiously to go outside. It may look nice outside but it sure is cold out there.  She loves to be tossed around & "flown" around inside the house.  She hoots & hollers & dances to rock & roll too!  

She is also very good to her little brother Jake.  It's pretty funny watching them together.  He wants to be preened constantly & for some reason she tolerates him.  They are just like watching kids.  They each take turns bugging the other one.  When Baby has had her fill of him, she'll kick him away.  If he doesn't get the message, she gives him a look that he clearly understands & boy does he run away fast.  LOL 


The Many Feathers of Jake
Our Goffin's Cockatoo


Jake Yelling

Ratty Boy

Ratty Boy 2

Jake Bathing

Jake Bathing 2


More Jake

Pasta Jake

Pinball Wizard

Just Being Jake

Ratty Boy Plays Pinball

Still Bathing

I Just Love Bath time!!

Under Dad's Shirt 

Bee Says "He's Weird"

Jake is our 12 year old Goffin's cockatoo.  He is quite a character that's for sure.  I can definitely understand why they have been nicknamed goofy Goffies.  He brings us such joy & laughter its incredible. If he had his way, he'd be out of his cage all day, every day just playing around.  

His next favorite activity would have to be eating.  He would eat & drink everything if he could.  We haven't found a food he doesn't like.  He eats pasta, steak, chicken, chicken bones, rice, potatoes, pizza, corn, apple (only when I'm eating it with him & never when put in his cage), waffle, carrots.  He is also fond of drinking Kool-aid, Crystal Light & anything else we drink.  He tries his best to get into the glass when I have chocolate milk but it's not the greatest thing for him so we limit it very closely.  

Jake has this peculiar habit of chomping all of his feathers off when he starts getting new ones coming in.  I'm sure you'll notice the various stages of his feather growth in the photos.  We have no idea why he does this, but hey, everybody has their quirks.  Jake is very much the "kid brother".  He always wants attention & tries to fight with Bee to get it.  Preen me, rub me, pat me, play with me, feed me, give me a drink, dance with me, swing me.....

He's quite the feisty little guy.  Just try dealing with him after he's had his steak dinner!  He loves the meat but he also goes for the fat - ewwww!  Oh man does he get excited.  He'll run up & down with his wings up in the air & hop & yell & scream.   That's our Jake.



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